We are actively integrating lean production principles into the mining sector, consistently enhancing the quality of ASIC miners. Our dedicated developers tirelessly strive to strike the perfect balance between mining efficiency, energy consumption, and miner durability. Our commitment is to assist ASIC miners globally, ensuring the highest uptime and the best efficiency. This allows ASIC equipment owners to significantly reduce payback time and engage in cryptocurrency mining with ease.

On December 11, 2023, we proudly unveiled version 1.2.1 of our firmware, featuring a host of highly anticipated improvements and solutions for our valued partners and clients:
  • overview of changes in the new version from the development team: fixes, features.
  • exciting updates to the user interface and user experience design.
  • the much-anticipated release of the first fully featured firmware for Antminer S19k PRO and S19 XP HYDRO.

Updates | 11.12.2023

all miner models


  • The time required for auto-tuning has been reduced by 55%.
  • The auto-tuning algorithm has been changed from aggressive to conservative.
In the previous auto-tuning process, there was an uptick in power consumption during the initial stage of chip parameter selection. This increase posed limitations on overclocking ASIC equipment and necessitated additional expenses, such as heightened cooling requirements or the adoption of expensive immersion cooling methods, along with extra strain on infrastructure.

With the new algorithmic approach, we've introduced a gradual "bottom-up" parameter adjustment. This enables the equipment to operate smoothly without surpassing the predefined power consumption limit, maintaining optimal temperature levels. Importantly, this adjustment is seamlessly integrated, allowing for auto-tuning without the need for mining restarts.


  • An adaptive voltage adjustment function has been added to maintain a stable hashrate at any time of day and night, and under two temperature modes: manual and immersion.

For any miner, a 1-degree change in the surrounding environment affects the hashrate. During nighttime, the chip temperature decreases, leading to a drop in hashrate. ASIC miners lack the ability to automatically adjust power consumption in proportion to the hashrate. For large farms, this results in significant expenses.

The VNISH firmware now assists ASIC miners in operating stably without shutdowns when temperature conditions change, both during the day and at night. The auto-tuning control function smoothly and carefully adjusts the chip voltage, preventing overheating and shutdowns. You asked for it - we delivered!

For miners in Immersion mode the improved adapt voltage to temperature feature has been enhanced to compensate for fluctuating fluid temperatures that before would effect hashrate negatively.

Miner operation model

A couple of versions ago, based on user requests, we introduced the ability to pause the ASIC miner during a restart or shutdown and resume it in the same state it was paused.

Subsequently, the ASIC miner would uncontrollably restart in case of operational errors. For the miner, this translated to increased wear and tear on the equipment and a decrease in the efficiency of the chips. Often, the owner of the ASIC equipment was unaware of how many times the equipment had been restarted and why one of the ASICs suddenly malfunctioned, despite having a perfectly tuned overclocking profile. There was no understanding of what error had halted the operation.

All of this led to increased energy consumption when restarting the ASIC miner, resulting in unplanned electricity expenses. Additionally, the urgent replacement of the malfunctioning ASIC miner was often required. As a consequence, all these issues significantly impacted the wallet of the ASIC equipment owner and jeopardized the motivation to continue mining.
Майнер переходит в состояние ошибки
Miner Enters an Error State
Now, we have corrected several functions and algorithms in the miner operation mode settings:
  • Reduced power consumption when pausing the ASIC miner, with a smooth ramp-up in performance upon resuming operation after coming out of pause.
  • Implemented forced pausing during ASIC miner initialization.
  • Added the ability to configure the limit of forced restarts for the ASIC miner in case of errors. The default limit is set to 3 restarts. Once the limit is reached, the ASIC miner will automatically enter an error state.
  • Indicated miner operation issues with two indicators: green - miner is working well, red - an issue in miner operation.
  • Expanded the list of such errors and even display them when hovering the mouse over the error status. A pop-up message with a description of the error from the list appears: unavailable fee pool, lost fan, no connection with the pool, chain brakes detected, among other errors.
  • Reintroduced the quiet start and stop mode for the miner.


  • An adaptive temperature control function has been added.
  • A preset switching function without mining restart has been implemented.
These two functions assist in monitoring the miner's operation without restarting to adjust chip performance, enabling users to achieve their desired hashrate level.

Advanced settings

  • An option to ignore non-functional temperature sensors has been added.
  • An option for automatic unpausing of the miner after a complete restart has been included.
It is worth noting that previously, the "Pause Miner" function was triggered in the absence of internet connectivity or if the miner was automatically paused. By adding this option to the Advanced Settings, we have provided the ability to automatically unpause the ASIC miner in the event of a power outage and restoration. The miner will resume operation in the same mode in which it was temporarily paused.
Interface Update: "Advanced Settings"

Passwords and security

  • A default password has been set for the Hotel FeePool.
This option is beneficial for Mining Hotels, Data Centers, and any other mining business that deals with various mining pools or for users that need to do a revenue share at the firmware level.


  • The operation of the miner cooling function has been improved.

In cold weather, with outdoor temperatures ranging from 0 to 7 degrees Celsius, the target temperature for the ASIC miner in a stable mode is 65 degrees. However, at the start of operation, the temperature exceeds the target and increases disproportionately, leading to overheating and the shutdown of the ASIC miner. The old algorithm for the automatic temperature maintenance mode did not allow for optimizing stable temperature maintenance at startup. This resulted in device overheating, rendering mining inoperable. It was necessary to raise the room temperature.

We have now redesigned the temperature maintenance algorithm. The fans start adjusting their rotation speed smoothly, preventing the temperature from rising above or falling below the target temperature, thus maintaining a temperature increase without overheating and shutdown of the ASIC miner. Additionally, the setup and temperature rise time to the target have increased. Now, you can start the ASIC miner even in cold conditions without risking overheating. The new ASIC miner cooling algorithm brings stability and predictability.

Miner performance

  • Added a function for automatic preset reduction in case of errors.
  • Enhanced the stability of the miner's operation.

Miner settings

  • The ability to apply more miner settings without restarting mining.

Pool operations

  • Fixes in pool operations: improved stability.
  • Fixed the function to pause the miner if there is no active pool in case of internet loss.


  • Interface update and UX/UI improvements.
Updated overclocking section.
Configuring pool priority has become even easier. Now working with pools is more user-friendly, and there is no need to enter/exit drag-and-drop mode.
Displaying ping for the active pool.
If the DevFee pool is unavailable, a red indicator is triggered in two widgets:
  • pools widget - highlighted in red with the caption "DevFee Offline."
  • hashrate widget - the value is highlighted in red. Coolers experiencing issues are highlighted in red.
We highlight with a red indicator which cooler has problems in operation.
The interface has been translated into Persian

ASIC miner model improvements


  • Adjusted chip temperature offset (from 15°C to 10°C).


  • Fixed sensor issues in S19 PRO HYDRO, S19 PRO+ HYDRO.
  • Set a minimum startup temperature of 10°C for HYDRO miners.
  • Added support for S19 XP HYDRO miners.


  • Added support for the ASIC miner model S19k PRO.
  • Introduced presets up to 188 TH/s.


  • Added reduced presets.


  • Added additional presets.


  • Added extra presets.
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