25% of Bitcoin's hashrate is in autonomous mode due to cold weather in the USA

25% of Bitcoin's hashrate is in autonomous mode due to cold weather in the USA.

The Bitcoin network has lost a third of its hashing power due to cold weather in Texas, and this serves as a reminder for miners who haven't yet updated their VNISH firmware to version 1.2.1 to do so now. The new firmware version supports miner operation at sub-zero temperatures, achieves stable and predictable chip overclocking temperatures without overheating and excess energy consumption. Learn more in our guide: VNISH Firmware Update Version 1.2.1
Over the past few days, there has been a significant decrease in the Bitcoin network's computational power by 33% due to adverse weather conditions in Texas, where many mining centers are located. According to BitinfoCharts, the network's hashrate dropped from 606 EH/s to 401 EH/s. Glassnode data reflects a similar trend: from 630 EH/s to 413 EH/s. The main factor behind the decline was the shutdown of the largest mining pool, Foundry USA Pool, controlled by Foundry. According to MiningPoolStats, its hashrate fell during this period from 157 EH/s to 85 EH/s.

P.S.: Texas became one of the leading global hubs for Bitcoin mining after China banned this activity on its territory in 2021.

25% of Bitcoin's hashrate is in autonomous mode! A decrease from 525 EH to 395 EH in just a few days due to sudden cold weather in the USA is happening because of the shutdown of mining systems. They probably haven't yet adopted our VNISH firmware version 1.2.1.

Download the latest firmware from the VNISH catalog: VNISH Firmware Catalog